A Quality Of Memory

'Keep Left - Footway Closed', Oil on Canvas, 60x51cm, 2018
‘Keep Left – Footway Closed’, Oil on Canvas, 60x51cm, 2018

The Pop-Up exhibition at The Cloisters opens on Sunday 24th at 2pm until 7pm. I am very excited to be exhibiting paintings alongside a variety of other artists’ work, which includes video, music and performance. In this post, I will briefly discuss some of the ideas behind my paintings at the exhibition.

The paintings I will be showing are night time street scenes rendered in oil. The concepts behind this series are still very much under development, but one aspect I have been pursuing is the ‘snapshot’ which is emphasised by the quick handling of paint, that momentarily fixes on a detail – a quality of memory.

On the subject of memory, the content of the paintings makes reference to places that are both familiar (to me) and have changed only subtly over the years as if the past still haunts the present. The use of personal, geographically specific memories dating from early childhood in the late 1970s onward informs some of the location decisions of the paintings. Similarly to previous work, the images are a more focused exploration of the country I have grown up in. I have made use of my home town of Letchworth as a backdrop and starting point – this prototype Garden City has been used as an influential design for many parts of the country. The new series explores the nocturnal streets investigating some of the physical qualities such as the transition from monochromatic Sodium light to LED artificial moon lit streets to extracting and referencing the atmosphere, fears and ironies of this post-industrial, post-empire, post-modern England.

'Path', Oil on Canvas, 119x82cm, 2017
‘Path’, Oil on Canvas, 119x82cm, 2017

Further Reading

Further references and ideas behind the above painting, ‘Path’ , are in a previous post. I have since modified and renamed the painting as the series has developed but most of the information is still relevant. Here is the link: http://www.johnvincent.co.uk/wordpress/?p=1422

Other paintings on show are in a recent post.

Further details can be found at the Pop Up Exhibition Facebook page.