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‘Unity Muse’ – 06/10/2018 – 14/10/2018

Unity Muse Poster by Callum Abbott
Unity Muse Poster by Callum Abbott

I will be taking part in a group show called ‘Unity Muse’ at the Community Museum in Letchworth Garden City in October. I am putting together a small video installation for the show. I will be adding work in progress shots to my Instagram account, please do take a look:

The exhibition has been devised by members of ‘Meet|Critique’, a group of practicing artists that meet once a month at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth and will feature a range of media including photography, video, sculpture and painting.

The exhibition will feature work by Callum Abbott, Kasia Burke, Liz Harrington, Louise Lahive, Adrian Marden, Rhiannon Moxham, Sean Pearce, Max Plathan, Katherine Roberts, Venice Shone, Chantelle Stevenson, John Vincent and Sian Wilson.


Address: Community Museum, 12-14 The Arcade, Letchworth SG6 3ES

Dates: Sat 6th Oct to Sun 14th October 10.00am-4.30pm. (Closed: Monday 8th Oct.)

Eastcheap Studios Instagram Take Over – 29th Aug – 1st Sep


john vincent.jpg

From the 29th of August to the 1st September I will be taking over the Eastcheap Studios  Instagram feed.

Follow @eastcheapstudios  to check out my posts and other recent / future posts by current Eastcheap Studio artists.

Cloisters Post-Pop Up


Here are a few images from the Pop-Up Art exhibition which took place at The Cloisters in Letchworth Garden City on the 24th June.

It was very well attended, with a variety of performance and artworks on display. Hopefully this will turn in to an annual event.

Thanks to Chantelle Stevenson and Venice Shone for curating and setting up the exhibition.

Greetings Season

Yes. It is that time of the year, so here is where I am at…

‘These Streets Have Teeth’, Oil on Canvas, 119x85cm, 2017
New Painting

Despite other commitments and developing work  in digital media, I have maintained my oil painting practice and have completed my first in a new series of paintings.

The above painting is drawn from the town in which I live. ‘The Streets Have Teeth’  painting is based upon  a part of the town I am familiar with. The  murals on the wall appear to be aimed at children but, by sharp contrast, are the pyramid structures on the ground in front of the murals along this passage way. At first glance I thought that the purpose of these were anti-homeless, but on further reflection, I suspect they are there to prevent the gathering of adolescent children.  They appear to be an instance of ‘defensive urban architecture’ mentioned in this Guardian article from 2014.  I could be wrong.

In essence, this series of paintings are snapshots of   Britain at a moment of change symbolised in the work by a quieter battle on the streets between sodium light and bright white night lighting – old ideas and new merge garishly. The themes in the paintings complement the short films that I have finished and currently working on.

‘Parked Van Under Orange And White’, Oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2017
New Film
‘Panic Attack’, HD Video, 8mins 48secs, 2017

I have a new film ready and I am currently looking for places to screen it. A dark, noirish film set in a surreal world where a woman seeks escape from her life as it spirals out of control.

‘Panic Attack’ (co-written by and featuring Myriam Mégharbi) is a short film inspired by another film from 1955 called ‘Dementia’ (AKA ‘Daughter of Horror’). ‘Dementia’ can be viewed here:

Further details (images) can  be found by clicking on the film images in this post. I will  have a more detailed post about this film when I finally secure a screening for  it.

‘Panic Attack’, HD Video, 8mins 48secs, 2017

If you would like to preview the film for a screening event, please do get in contact.

‘Road Closure’, Panasonic DSLR, Affinity Photo, 2017

If you are on Instagram, so am I. I have been using it over the last few months as a test bed for a variety of ideas/research  with drawing sketches, video sketches, work in progress and photography. Do not expect consistency, rather this is a spew of  images and thoughts, what I am working on at the time or just a playful interaction with this digital platform.  GO HERE: @johnvincentart

‘Here’s To The…’, Panasonic DSLR, Affinity Photo, 2017

The Instagram posts are also shared to my Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts should these be preferable.

And 2018?

Expect more painting in the series, a new UHD video to compliment ‘Panic Attack’ and further photographic experiments.

Most images are available as prints or as originals, so should you wish to invest in some of my artworks or indeed commission new works, please do get in contact.

Sweet England

‘Toward Fairfield’, 2017

I was out on Route 12 yesterday morning, continuing a project which is mainly concerned with – though not exclusively – capturing the English landscape, typically Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. A few days ago I found a website that seemed to relate to some of the ideas and thoughts behind this ongoing project –  The Alchemical Landscape.

‘North Of The Grange’, 2017

With hardly a soul around except for a grumpy dog owner – who obviously owned the entire landscape –  and a cheerful, fellow cyclist there was Ophelia who,  in an almost spirit like way, made the weather warm like summer and was slowly turning the sky red.

‘Red Window’, 2017

Later, with everything still tinted, I went in to London with Cathy to see a preview of a fascinating documentary at the Curzon, Soho – ‘The Ballad Of Shirley Collins’ (to which the title of this blog post makes reference). The content seemed to echo some of my thoughts behind producing the landscape images and its time travelling look at things past where only traces remain, in this case through lyrics rather than in the physical landscape.

Dystopian Vision Returns (In Postcard Form)

Untitled (Grange Shops), Painter, 2017

I have a new digital work on display at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth as part of “The Garden City Postcard Project” exhibition.

This new work is part digital painting, part photo manipulation of a location in the town  and further explores ideas from an earlier project  – Letchworth – A Dystopian Vision (2014).

The  exhibition consists of a wide variety of postcards from the Garden City Collection alongside new interpretations by artists and writers using the postcard sized format.

Visit the exhibition to find out more which runs from the 22nd September to 5th November 2017.


Illustration, Design & Photo Portfolio

john vincent | online portfolio homepage complete with HTML5 video background (desktop version)

I have recently split my online portfolio in to two parts as well as setting up an alternative blog and Facebook page to promote my Illustration & Graphics, Digital Painting, Commercial Photography/Retouching and Web Design. To follow the development of these, you may wish to like/follow to the Facebook page or sign up to the emailing list on the new blog via the links above.  To view my new Illustration, Design and Photo website pages, follow this link:

The blog you are currently reading and associated mailing list will now concentrate on my (Fine) Art based activities – Painting, Video and Photography alongside my refurbished website fine art portfolio:

And That’s That (2016)

Another year is coming to an end, and it has been very busy. To wrap up 2016, here are a couple of last minute items before the new year..

Alternative Letchworth Exhibition In The News…

The Alternative Letchworth Past And Present exhibition has received much interest, including this article in The Guardian which concentrates on the archive material on display at the exhibition:

And this feature on BBC Three Counties radio (you can listen to the BBC radio iPlayer hear):

To see the show, visit the Broadway Gallery website for further details.

Two events are planned in February related to the show with one confirmed on the 9th. I will post further details regarding these events in the new year.

Prints Available Online

‘Animal Farm’, 2013

After experimenting with a few outlets, I have finally found a way to sell open and limited edition prints directly from my website. Unframed open edition prints of my work are now available to order through certain pages on my website and are fulfilled by in London. High quality Giclee (for Painting and Digital Painting) or C-Type (for Photography) prints of my work are available in different sizes.

‘Estuary of the River Tâf’, 2016

Prints are currently available on the Fine Art PaintingFine Art Photography and Digital Painting pages. Look out for the ‘BUY ART PRINT’ box which should pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen. I have added a 15mm border to each print so that it will be easier to mount and frame an image should you wish to do so.

‘Double Rainbow Over Letchworth’, 2014

I am in the process of uploading further images in addition to the ones available now, so check back regularly to see what is new.


Landscape & Reconnaissance

‘reconnaissance009’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016

New Photographic Landscape Work ‘Reconnaissance’

In this post I wanted to draw your attention to a part of my artistic output that I rarely show but is fundamental to much of my practice – my photography. In particular, it is my landscape photography and photo artworks I show here.

The newest is my ‘Reconnaissance’ set of landscapes – these are photographic landscape triptychs taken on the move (in a car) in England. Short sequences captured in close bursts – in an almost automated way – showing glimpses of the country that are somewhat isolated and are usually passed by at speed with only the briefest of examination. Details are often revealed in the photographs that show the nature and history of the structures (and possibly people) that occupy these spaces.

‘reconnaissance001’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance004’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance005’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance002’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance010’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance003’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016
‘reconnaissance007’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016

Hertfordshire Landscapes

I have a selection of landscape photos taken in the countryside of North Hertfordshire (also in England for those unfamiliar). Certainly more sedate than the above images, the pace is slower but there is still plenty of human activity.

‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015
‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015
‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015
‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015


Back in the early 2000’s I started work on a similar project to the first set of photos above using methods to transfer printed material to canvas.

Here is an example of one these early works from 2002 that uses captured video frames instead of still photography for the sequences. Not as clean as the above images, but interesting none-the-less. At the time, I was inspired by the look of Andy Warhol’s screen prints and created my own version of this look through mixed media (print outs and paint on canvas).

'Fountain', 74x21cm , mixed media on canvas, 2002
‘Fountain’, 74x21cm , mixed media on canvas, 2002

The only time I have previously exhibited my photography was in Leicester in 2006. This collection of photos –  curated by Hugo Worthy – was largely composed of landscape photography.  A few years later I put together a booklet for the show which was called ‘A Glass Darkening’.


Non-watermarked prints of my photography are available to order. Please do get in contact if you are interested in purchasing a print or two..


Seasons Greetings