Sweet England

‘Toward Fairfield’, 2017

I was out on Route 12 yesterday morning, continuing a project which is mainly concerned with – though not exclusively – capturing the English landscape, typically Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. A few days ago I found a website that seemed to relate to some of the ideas and thoughts behind this ongoing project –  The Alchemical Landscape.

‘North Of The Grange’, 2017

With hardly a soul around except for a grumpy dog owner – who obviously owned the entire landscape –  and a cheerful, fellow cyclist there was Ophelia who,  in an almost spirit like way, made the weather warm like summer and was slowly turning the sky red.

‘Red Window’, 2017

Later, with everything still tinted, I went in to London with Cathy to see a preview of a fascinating documentary at the Curzon, Soho – ‘The Ballad Of Shirley Collins’ (to which the title of this blog post makes reference). The content seemed to echo some of my thoughts behind producing the landscape images and its time travelling look at things past where only traces remain, in this case through lyrics rather than in the physical landscape.

Dystopian Vision Returns (In Postcard Form)

Untitled (Grange Shops), Painter, 2017

I have a new digital work on display at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth as part of “The Garden City Postcard Project” exhibition.

This new work is part digital painting, part photo manipulation of a location in the town  and further explores ideas from an earlier project  – Letchworth – A Dystopian Vision (2014).

The  exhibition consists of a wide variety of postcards from the Garden City Collection alongside new interpretations by artists and writers using the postcard sized format.

Visit the exhibition to find out more which runs from the 22nd September to 5th November 2017.



25 June: Pop-up Art Exhibit @ The Cloisters

‘Pop-Up Art Exhibition At The Cloisters’ Poster, 2017

I am taking part in an exhibition toward the end of June. It is largely an extension of the ‘Alternative Letchworth’ exhibition which finished earlier this year at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth. There will be some new work by the other artists involved and another chance to see my film ‘The Last Of Letchworth’. The show will also feature live ambient music by ‘Dark Room’.

Some History…

Designed and built based on a dream by Annie Lawrence, The Cloisters in Letchworth is an unusual and fascinating building, both visually and from its use. The building was previously used for the study of Psychology, Theology and is now a Masonic centre.

If you are interested, you can find more about its history here.

Exhibition Details:

Sunday 25th June, 4pm-7pm, admission Free.

Featuring : Trails & Tours, Crafts For Kids, Local History, Contemporary art and a bar!

How to get to Letchworth:

By Train: From Kings Cross or Cambridge stations (or from Peterborough changing at Hitchin).

The Cloisters is a short walk from the town centre. From Broadway Gardens, take South View walking all the way down to a small green (crossing over Sollershot and then Baldock Road)  before following Cloisters Road until you reach the building.

By Road: A1(M) Junction 9.


New Painting And Some Notes To Go With It

‘A Border At The Very Edge’, Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017

I have been posting (via my Instagram account) the development of some new paintings. I am creating a new series of works, returning to photography as the primary source with a couple of changes to my previous process and some new ideas behind the content of the works.

The first change is in how I make use of drawing. Over the past year and a half whilst establishing my Illustration, Design and Photo practice, I have been focussing on my drawing skills.  I have subsequently chosen to deploy the enhancements gained here in to the process of creating new painted works. Previously, I have used drawing in a more mechanical fashion to transfer the photographic image to the canvas via OHP projection or a grid – using it as scaffolding.

Now, drawing is playing a greater role in the process and acts as an interception between photo and painting, by working from eye to interpret the photo allowing all kinds of interesting distortions to creep in. By referring to the photo during the painting process, I keep the feel of the photograph but the overall painting is, for the most part, destined by the initial drawing and layout and new information is painted in. The end result is a more interesting and atmospheric interpretation of the source photograph. I would liken this to the writing and re-writing of memory, seeing what you want to see, remembering what you want to remember.

‘The Many Opportunities’, Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017

This brings me to the the second change which was inspired by involvement in the Alternative Letchworth exhibition late last year.  Part of the thinking behind my short film ‘The Last Of Letchworth’ was to incorporate my personal relationship to the local geography. This new set of paintings will be informed by this relationship taken from either a historical perspective or from the present with notions of  travelling through time (via memory).

This series is still in under development…I will be updating my Instagram account as the new paintings come together.



Illustration, Design & Photo Portfolio

john vincent | online portfolio homepage complete with HTML5 video background (desktop version)      www.johnvincent.co.uk

I have recently split my online portfolio in to two parts as well as setting up an alternative blog and Facebook page to promote my Illustration & Graphics, Digital Painting, Commercial Photography/Retouching and Web Design. To follow the development of these, you may wish to like/follow to the Facebook page or sign up to the emailing list on the new blog via the links above.  To view my new Illustration, Design and Photo website pages, follow this link:


The blog you are currently reading and associated mailing list will now concentrate on my (Fine) Art based activities – Painting, Video and Photography alongside my refurbished website fine art portfolio:


Last Chance To See An Alternative Letchworth

'The Last Of Letchworth', HD Video Still, 2016
‘The Last Of Letchworth’, HD Video Still, 2016

‘Alternative Letchworth Past And Present’ Closes This Sunday 19th Feb

Only a few days to go before the Alternative Letchworth exhibition closes at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth.  Open 10am-5pm Weds-Sat and 10am-4pm on Sunday. It has had a great response from visitors and has gained a good deal of press attention. If you have yet to see it, this is your last chance!




Event Cancelled – Alternative Letchworth Meet The Artists

An update for the planned event this Thursday in relation to the Alternative Letchworth Exhibition artist talks:

‘We regret to announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to cancel this event.

If you have purchased tickets you can obtain a full refund by contacting us at the Studio & Gallery when we open tomorrow. You can call 01462 476110 or email broadway@letchworth.com



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