Double Screening: Last Of Letchworth/Panic Attack – Leyden Gallery Nov 17th

The Last Of Letchworth / Panic Attack
The Last Of Letchworth / Panic Attack

I am pleased to announce a second screening for both ‘The Last of Letchworth’ and ‘Panic Attack’ short films at the finale of the Video Art Film Club at the Leyden Gallery in London on November 17th. These two films will be shown alongside a number of other experimental short films.


Video Art Film Club #3.

Screening of films start from 7pm until 10pm and are on a loop.

Leyden Gallery, 9/9a Leyden Street, London, E1 7LE


Paper Cuts – Saatchi Gallery – Nov 16th/17th/18th

'Cypher (labyrinth)', Detail, Acrylic on primed paper, 2018
‘Cypher (labyrinth)’, Detail, Acrylic on primed paper, 2018

I am very pleased to have a small abstract work in the Paper Cuts exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

Curated by Kris Day, the exhibition is on for three days only – November 16th, 17th and 18th at the Saatchi Prints and Originals Gallery.

More details here:

Screening : ‘Panic Attack’ – 13/10/18, Leyden Gallery, London

‘Panic Attack, Still, HD Video 2018

I am pleased to announce that my short film ‘Panic Attack’ will get its first screening at the Leyden Gallery in London on the Saturday 13th October at the Video Art Film Club #2.

'Panic Attack, Still, HD Video 2018
‘Panic Attack, Still, HD Video 2018

In the film, the central character is a woman seeking escape from her life as it spirals out of control which is seemingly influenced by a sinister suit and the emergence of an avian alter-ego.

This surreal short was initially inspired by an earlier film; ‘Daughter of Horror’ (also known as ‘Dementia’, a black and white silent film from 1955.

'Panic Attack, Still, HD Video 2018
‘Panic Attack, Still, HD Video 2018

To see the film, along with many other experimental video works, here are the screening details:


Leyden Gallery, 9 Leyden Street, E1 7LE, London

Tickets for the event are available here :

More details about the film and images:

‘Unity Muse’ – 06/10/2018 – 14/10/2018

Unity Muse Poster by Callum Abbott
Unity Muse Poster by Callum Abbott

I will be taking part in a group show called ‘Unity Muse’ at the Community Museum in Letchworth Garden City in October. I am putting together a small video installation for the show. I will be adding work in progress shots to my Instagram account, please do take a look:

The exhibition has been devised by members of ‘Meet|Critique’, a group of practicing artists that meet once a month at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth and will feature a range of media including photography, video, sculpture and painting.

The exhibition will feature work by Callum Abbott, Kasia Burke, Liz Harrington, Louise Lahive, Adrian Marden, Rhiannon Moxham, Sean Pearce, Max Plathan, Katherine Roberts, Venice Shone, Chantelle Stevenson, John Vincent and Sian Wilson.


Address: Community Museum, 12-14 The Arcade, Letchworth SG6 3ES

Dates: Sat 6th Oct to Sun 14th October 10.00am-4.30pm. (Closed: Monday 8th Oct.)

Eastcheap Studios Instagram Take Over – 29th Aug – 1st Sep


john vincent.jpg

From the 29th of August to the 1st September I will be taking over the Eastcheap Studios  Instagram feed.

Follow @eastcheapstudios  to check out my posts and other recent / future posts by current Eastcheap Studio artists.

Screening : ‘The Last of Letchworth’ – 15/09/18, Leyden Gallery, London

'The Last Of Letchworth', HD Video Still, 2016
‘The Last Of Letchworth’, HD Video Still, 2016


I am pleased to announce another screening of my short film ‘The Last of Letchworth’. It will be shown alongside a number of other experimental short films at the very first Video Art Film Club hosted by the Leyden Gallery in London.

Originally exhibited as part of the ‘Alternative Letchworth’ exhibition at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth, the film is based on the activities of early residents of the Garden City.

Although not currently available online,  more detailed information about the film can be found in this previous post:  ‘The Last of Letchworth’

Event details and ticket information can be found here:

Tickets for the event are £5 (early bird up to 1st September) and £8 thereafter.


There will be a screening of my latest film, ‘Panic Attack’ in October. Further details should be posted next month.

Portfolio Update: Digital Art

I have updated a section on my online portfolio which adds more details about my Digital Art practice (which runs alongside my more trad oil painting one).

The concerns and subjects differ from the oil painting. The recent additions are mostly re-worked earlier digital images. As my technical abilities with digital painting have improved dramatically (as has the software I use) I have been able to add meaningful changes to the series that subverts the Pre-Raphaelite paintings of the Victorian era by adding contemporary twists and scenarios – with a touch of sci-fi.

There is also a selection of Photo-Based Artworks, largely from the Dystopian Vision series.

A new, separate ‘About’ section adds further information including the terms I am using to describe the work and some details about the process.

Here is a link to the portfolio page:

Cloisters Post-Pop Up


Here are a few images from the Pop-Up Art exhibition which took place at The Cloisters in Letchworth Garden City on the 24th June.

It was very well attended, with a variety of performance and artworks on display. Hopefully this will turn in to an annual event.

Thanks to Chantelle Stevenson and Venice Shone for curating and setting up the exhibition.

A Quality Of Memory

'Keep Left - Footway Closed', Oil on Canvas, 60x51cm, 2018
‘Keep Left – Footway Closed’, Oil on Canvas, 60x51cm, 2018

The Pop-Up exhibition at The Cloisters opens on Sunday 24th at 2pm until 7pm. I am very excited to be exhibiting paintings alongside a variety of other artists’ work, which includes video, music and performance. In this post, I will briefly discuss some of the ideas behind my paintings at the exhibition.

The paintings I will be showing are night time street scenes rendered in oil. The concepts behind this series are still very much under development, but one aspect I have been pursuing is the ‘snapshot’ which is emphasised by the quick handling of paint, that momentarily fixes on a detail – a quality of memory.

On the subject of memory, the content of the paintings makes reference to places that are both familiar (to me) and have changed only subtly over the years as if the past still haunts the present. The use of personal, geographically specific memories dating from early childhood in the late 1970s onward informs some of the location decisions of the paintings. Similarly to previous work, the images are a more focused exploration of the country I have grown up in. I have made use of my home town of Letchworth as a backdrop and starting point – this prototype Garden City has been used as an influential design for many parts of the country. The new series explores the nocturnal streets investigating some of the physical qualities such as the transition from monochromatic Sodium light to LED artificial moon lit streets to extracting and referencing the atmosphere, fears and ironies of this post-industrial, post-empire, post-modern England.

'Path', Oil on Canvas, 119x82cm, 2017
‘Path’, Oil on Canvas, 119x82cm, 2017

Further Reading

Further references and ideas behind the above painting, ‘Path’ , are in a previous post. I have since modified and renamed the painting as the series has developed but most of the information is still relevant. Here is the link:

Other paintings on show are in a recent post.

Further details can be found at the Pop Up Exhibition Facebook page.

New Group Show At The Cloisters June 24th

Cloisters Pop Up Poster (Design by Callum Abbott), June 24th 2018
Cloisters Pop Up Poster (Design by Callum Abbott), June 24th 2018


For the second year running, I will taking part in a group Pop Up Art Exhibition at The Cloisters in Letchworth Garden City.

'England, Evidently', Oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2018
‘England, Evidently’, Oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2018

Last year I showed video work relating to the previous ‘Alternative Letchworth’ exhibition, this year I will be showing my most recent series of paintings –   night time images  of the  Garden City and surrounds – alongside other artists work which will include painting, sculpture, performance and video work.

'A Land Of Many Opportunities', Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017
‘A Land Of Many Opportunities’, Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017

The pop up will also see the return of the electronic band ‘Darkroom’ (

'Border', Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017
‘Border’, Oil on canvas, 60x51cm, 2017

The Cloisters is a visually impressive building (inside and out) with a fascinating history.  It is located on Barrington Rd in Letchworth, a short walk from the town centre.

'Parked Van Under Orange And White', Oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2017
‘Parked Van Under Orange And White’, Oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2017


I am finishing off two other works in preparation for the show at my new studio in Letchworth. ‘Eastcheap Studios’ opened earlier last month and is a creative base for a group of locally situated contemporary artists producing some very exciting new works.


Letchworth can be reached from  Cambridge or London (via either Kings Cross or St Pancras) by train, or off Junction 9 on the A1(M) by car.

The Cloisters, Barrington Rd, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3TH


See the above poster (designed by Callum Abbot) for further details.

Artist working in Painting, Photography, Digital & Video

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