Nearly Ready For…Open Studios!


Studio 9 Prep., 2015

Studio 9 Prep., 2015

This Saturday, 5th September 11am – 4pm, I and other Fellows of Digswell Arts will be opening our studios to the public. I have been preparing the studio to display some of my work as well as allowing enough space to continue working on my solo show for October.

The Open Day is occurring at the same time as Herts Visual Arts Open Studios and exhibition by Cathy Smale and Amy Wilson who will be in the project space all week.


The Fenners Building, Openshaw Way, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3ER

Further details:

Open Day


The Night Hunters Issue 3 Out Now!

The Night Hunters Issue 3 Cover, © WP Comics Ltd

The Night Hunters Issue 3 Cover, © WP Comics Ltd

The Night Hunters series continues with ‘Captain Seadog’.

I have illustrated this atmospheric, action packed story about a vengeful pirate returning from the grave to create mayhem. Written by David Thomas and published by WP Comics Ltd it is available now as a digital download or as a hard copy.

Get further details  (including a video preview) by following this link:!the-night-hunters-3/cq5a

Open Studios – Saturday 5th September 2015

Open Studios Flyer

Open Studios Flyer, September 2015

I will be opening up my studio on Saturday 5th September 2015 along with other Fellows of Digswell Arts at the Fenners Building in Letchworth Garden City.

As part of the Open Day event I will be showing some painting, oil and hopefully some digital painting, with the possibility of seeing some work in progress for my upcoming solo show in October (details on that to follow).

The event will run from 11am-4pm. Refreshments available.

Studio 9, Fenners Building, Openshaw Way, SG6 3ER.

Follow this link for further details:



The Night Hunters Now Available In PDF & Epub Formats

'The Night Hunters' Volumes 1 & 2, ©WP Comics Ltd

‘The Night Hunters’ Volumes 1 & 2, ©WP Comics Ltd

‘The Night Hunters’ volumes 1 & 2 are now available in PDF and Epub formats for £2.50. Hard copies available for £4.95.

Please follow these links..

The Night Hunters Volume 1: ‘Fools Gold’ :!the-night-hunters/c1hjm

The Night Hunters Volume 2: ‘Howling Moonshine’ :!the-night-hunters-issue-two/cqx0

The Night Hunters Volume 3 is getting close to completion – stay tuned for further details!

The Night Hunters Issue 2 – ‘Howling Moonshine’ OUT NOW!


'The Night Hunters' Issue 2 'Howling Moonshine'

‘The Night Hunters’ Issue 2 ‘Howling Moonshine’ ©WP Comics Ltd

Really excited about this one – The Night Hunters Issue 2 ‘Howling Moonshine’ from WP Comics Ltd is out!

Following on from issue 1, Sexton Wraith arrives in New York City to team up with a new character from the agency called ‘Rhiannon Maddox’ to hunt down and defeat a viscous Werewolf only to find other nefarious activities afoot.

This is a slightly darker tale than the previous episode and I have created some really good sequences to fit along with the development of the look of ‘Rhiannon Maddox’.

Owning a copy is only a few clicks away… ‘Howling Moonshine’ is available in paper back and as a digital download.


‘Rhiannon Maddox’, 2015


Digital Painting & Landscape Photography (Prints) Price List JUNE-AUGUST 2015

It occurred to me that I did not have available a current price list for prints of my digital work and photography. I do now!

The prices in the list are for prints at the optimum sizes and includes basic mounting and framing. Should you require something a little smaller get in contact and I can look at reducing the size (and price) to suit. Instructions are included at the back of the list on how to order. Later in the year I will add more landscape photography to the list and hopefully further digital paintings.

I am also putting together a price list for available oil paintings. Get in touch if you would like to see what is available on canvas.

Please find a link to the Digital Painting and Photography PDF Price List below.


PDF Price List


COMING SOON – The Night Hunters Issue 2

The Night Hunters ‘Howling Moonshine’ Cover ©WP Comics Ltd

The Night Hunters ‘Howling Moonshine’ Advert ©WP Comics Ltd

I have been busy illustrating the next issue of The Night Hunters which is due out later this month. The Night Hunters ‘Howling Moonshine’ continues the story of Sexton Wraith’s organisation and their hunt to track down supernatural creatures of the night.

After finding my comic book feet with the first issue this new issue has some really great sequences and features some new characters which I have developed from the script. So far, I am really pleased with the way it is going and I shall post here when it is available.

In the meantime, The Night Hunters Issue 1 ‘Fools Gold’ is available in both paperback and as a digital download.

The Night Hunters Issue 1 – Available Now

The Night Hunters 'Fools Gold' Cover ©WP Comics Ltd

The Night Hunters ‘Fools Gold’ Cover ©WP Comics Ltd


I have been busy these past few weeks working on a project and now the first part is complete.

I have been working for WP Comics Ltd – a new comic book company based in Wales – as a Freelance Illustrator on one of their titles called ‘The Night Hunters’. To outline the story – ‘The Night Hunters : Fools Gold’, has been written by David Thomas and follows the central character, Sexton Wraith in an alternative 1890s America hunting down unwelcome supernatural entities.

Rather than traditional pen and ink I have approached the comic with a painterly style which involved both the drawing and colour. It has been something of a tight squeeze to get the comic complete. Taking over from another artist early on in the project and being able to meet an existing publishing deadline whilst finding my way around my first published comic book was tough but, after a lot of hard work, it has arrived!

The Night Hunters Issue 1 ‘Fools Gold’ is available now as a digital download here with printed versions available soon.

Strictly speaking, this is not my first comic. Back in the early 90’s, whilst at school, I co-created a comic called ‘Redhawk’ – a Batman inspired superhero comic. I had originally intended to go in to comic book illustration back then but went on to do Fine Art instead. Over 20 years later, a lot has changed but I have picked up this rather exciting thread which suits my narrative style and returned to one of my artistic influences.

Currently, I am working on two more issues of ‘The Night Hunters’ and have already started work on Issue 2.


Taking On The Sorceress

“Taking On The Sorceress”, 42x35cm (600dpi), Painter, 2015

I couldn’t  resist creating another one. This time a more complex pre-Raphaelite inspired composition with an injection of some Brutalism and previously mentioned contemporary matters within the content of the painting. Perhaps this scene is a low level dispute between nearby neighbours or the product of wider social division erupting? The good life is back! The main character (to the left) is loosely based upon the sorceress/witch in this painting by Waterhouse that I have developed from a previous painting.

I wanted to explore the creation and interaction of multiple characters within a single setting, whilst expanding the world within which they live by adding the vista. I have added Victorian flower symbolism to enhance the narrative – in this instance yellow and orange lilies, a poppy, rose petals, forget-me-nots and monkshood, on and around the characters. Something for you to look up. Details of the painting can be found at my online portfolio.

The painting began with this digital sketch (below) . I expanded the image and narrative from that.


Character sketch, Painter, 2015

Character sketch, Painter, 2015

In addition, I created a separate asset that I inserted in to the background inspired by a recent election declaration.

'The Good Life Is Back', Painter, 2015

‘The Good Life Is Back’, Painter, 2015

Boudica’s Tea, Interrupted

“Boudica’s Tea, Interrupted”, 42x43m (600dpi), Photoshop/Painter, 2015

If Wikipedia is to be believed Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, may have fought her last battle not far from my current studio location. The possible location for this final confrontation with the Romans occurred south west of a village called Ashwell in Hertfordshire at a place known as Arbury Banks.

This snippet of information had me interested in creating a somewhat updated interpretation of this very British icon mixing the modern with the long past – and featuring key ingredients of rebellion and tea.

The painting was started from a pencil sketch, with the bulk of the under painting carried out in Photoshop and then finished in Painter.