Ophelia Returns and April’s Tweet

“Ophelia Returns”, 45x32cm (600dpi), Painter, 2015

I have been working on a couple of new images for my pre-Raphaelite inspired series of digital paintings. The first image is another take on the moments after ‘Ophelia’ explored in my previous work ‘Ophelia, Pulled From The Water’. In this new version, ‘Ophelia Returns’ – she has recovered her senses just in time to pull herself back from the brink.

I was interested in experimenting with building the figure and its interaction with water, and developing digital techniques to recreate something of the traditional painting process (i.e. one canvas layer). At most I have used 3 layers to add and try out corrections but finishing on one layer gives the image a better finish.

"April's Tweet", 42x32cm (600dpi), Painter, 2015

“April’s Tweet”, 42x32cm (600dpi), Painter, 2015

The second image is partly inspired by another painting called ‘April Love’ .

I have utilised the basic idea of the clothing and location from ‘April Love’. The scene has technology added, but this time in a more modest and familiar capacity.

I was interested in re-using the ivy symbolism from ‘April Love’ to signify the everlasting life of information submitted via social media to the internet (the single transmission symbolised by the single leaf) and the potential for information to be stored, reproduced and shared endlessly within a digital world in contrast to a simpler time – a kind of innocence lost.

At my online portfolio you can find details of and original drawings for both paintings. The sizes given are the optimum print sizes at 600dpi.


She Passed The Turing Test

“She Passed The Turing Test”, 42x32cm (600dpi), Painter, 2015

Continuing the series, here is another pre-Raphaelite inspired digital painting – this time with a dose of science fiction and a touch of surrealism.  The figure and part of the composition is inspired by this painting by Millais (though not on the story).  I have constructed the woman in a similar pose. Below is the pencil sketch from which the painting was started.


Ophelia, Pulled From The Water

"Ophelia, Pulled From The Water", Painter, 2015

“Ophelia, Pulled From The Water”, Painter, 43x19cm (600dpi), 2015

A dark offering for Friday the 13th – I was planning to return to oil painting when suddenly the digital painting fell into place. This painting is a continuation of the pre-Raphaelite inspired theme of recent work but unlike the previous two, this directly relates to a single painting from that era,  ‘Ophelia’ by Sir John Everett Millais.

In some of my earlier work I explored scenes just beyond the point of time at which the original was set and imagined turning the clock forward a few minutes or hours from that moment.  The original is a depiction of madness and eventual suicide by drowning envisaged by the artist from the description in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. My work is an attempt to puncture the romantic nature of the original for what is essentially a desperate and horrific end.

The painting has been an opportunity to explore the current theme within an unusual composition, develop some previous concepts and demonstrate some of the advances in my technical abilities relating to the construction of a figure.

This digital painting has an optimum print size of 43x19cm (at 600dpi).


"Jealousy", Corel Painter, 2015

“Jealousy”, Corel Painter, 2015

A new digital painting partly inspired by the look of pre-Raphaelite painting turned in to a dark thriller. Below are the original sketches for the main part of the painting and for the painting at the back of the room. A lot of modification occurred during the painting process, utilising the layering abilities of Painter to add new features.  Entirely constructed, some of the positioning, such as the mirror, may not be exactly correct in real life but are fine for the composition of the painting.



She Wanted To Sit Down (Work In Progress)

'She Wanted To Sit Down', Corel Painter, 2015

‘She Wanted To Sit Down’ (work in progress), Corel Painter, 2015

An update of my nearly complete pre-Raphaelite inspired digital painting that I have been working on over the week, now with a background added and many other refinements. I have to do some more painting and few colour adjustments and it should be finished.



My first artistic venture in 2015 is a pre-Raphaelite inspired work.  The image above contains the original pencil sketch and a work in progress digital painting. I haven’t a title as yet – perhaps it will be ‘She Wanted To Sit Down’.

I have been refining my drawing skills over the last few months so that I can quickly build characters and scenes from scratch bringing in reference images where needed. I am also starting to gather ideas for a new painting show (oil paint) with the emphasis on drawing rather than photography as a starting point. I am hoping to have work ready around September/October – I have some large canvases planned.

I am also putting together an exciting and very surreal short film for the year ahead. This collaborative, somewhat experimental project will be quite a technical challenge to bring to fruition with lots of digital painting and ‘animation’.

Details and progress updates in the near future.


200 Skulls Painting Complete

'200 Skulls', Acrylic on canvas, 3mx1.5m 2014

‘200 Skulls’, Acrylic on canvas, 3mx1.5m 2014

A successful weekend for the Dia De Muertos/Big Draw workshops at Fenners.  Most of the remaining squares were filled on the final day (2nd Nov) for my 200 Skulls painting workshop.  At some point I may produce an interactive version of the image so that individual squares can be enlarged.

Thanks again to all participants and to the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation for supporting the event!

The Painting So Far….Continues 2nd Nov

'200 Skulls', Work in progress, 3mx1.5m 2014

‘200 Skulls’, Work in progress, 3mx1.5m 2014

Progress has been made in the creation of ‘200 Skulls’, thank you to all participants, however more help is needed as more squares are to be filled.

The canvas will be available tomorrow, 2nd Nov during the workshops for those interested in continuing the work…

Other Dia de Muertos/Big Draw workshops remaining –  see details here.