She Wanted To Sit Down (Work In Progress)

'She Wanted To Sit Down', Corel Painter, 2015

‘She Wanted To Sit Down’ (work in progress), Corel Painter, 2015

An update of my nearly complete pre-Raphaelite inspired digital painting that I have been working on over the week, now with a background added and many other refinements. I have to do some more painting and few colour adjustments and it should be finished.



My first artistic venture in 2015 is a pre-Raphaelite inspired work.  The image above contains the original pencil sketch and a work in progress digital painting. I haven’t a title as yet – perhaps it will be ‘She Wanted To Sit Down’.

I have been refining my drawing skills over the last few months so that I can quickly build characters and scenes from scratch bringing in reference images where needed. I am also starting to gather ideas for a new painting show (oil paint) with the emphasis on drawing rather than photography as a starting point. I am hoping to have work ready around September/October – I have some large canvases planned.

I am also putting together an exciting and very surreal short film for the year ahead. This collaborative, somewhat experimental project will be quite a technical challenge to bring to fruition with lots of digital painting and ‘animation’.

Details and progress updates in the near future.


200 Skulls Painting Complete

'200 Skulls', Acrylic on canvas, 3mx1.5m 2014

‘200 Skulls’, Acrylic on canvas, 3mx1.5m 2014

A successful weekend for the Dia De Muertos/Big Draw workshops at Fenners.  Most of the remaining squares were filled on the final day (2nd Nov) for my 200 Skulls painting workshop.  At some point I may produce an interactive version of the image so that individual squares can be enlarged.

Thanks again to all participants and to the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation for supporting the event!

The Painting So Far….Continues 2nd Nov

'200 Skulls', Work in progress, 3mx1.5m 2014

‘200 Skulls’, Work in progress, 3mx1.5m 2014

Progress has been made in the creation of ‘200 Skulls’, thank you to all participants, however more help is needed as more squares are to be filled.

The canvas will be available tomorrow, 2nd Nov during the workshops for those interested in continuing the work…

Other Dia de Muertos/Big Draw workshops remaining –  see details here.

Reminder – Dia de Muertos Workshops 1st & 2nd Nov, Fenners

skull_cropA reminder that there will be Dia de Muertos/Big Draw workshops happening at Fenners in Letchworth on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November 2014.


Saturday 10.00 – 1.00:
Christine Harrison: mosaic
Abu Jafar: painting

Saturday 1.00 – 4.00:
John Vincent: ‘200 skulls’, large-scale acrylic painting
Sarah Bellisario: spooky mask making

Saturday 4.00 – 7.00:
Debbie Bent: clay tiles for outdoor firing

Sunday 10.00 – 1.00:
Jane Glynn: shadow drawings, using natural materials
Lizzy Lane: 3D wire drawings

Sunday 1.00 – 4.00:
Amanda Bloom: drawing with felt
Helen Mason: still-life drawing with skulls and bones

The workshops are part of the Fire And Fright Festival in Letchworth Garden City, supported by the Letchworth Heritage Foundation.

Here is a link to further details…

Dia de Muertos Workshop – The Painting Of 200 Skulls – Fenners, Letchworth

'200 Skulls', Work in progress detail, 3mx1.5m 2014

‘200 Skulls’, Work in progress detail, Acrylic On Canvas, 3m x 1.5m 2014

As part of the Dia de Muertos/Big Draw at Fenners, join me for a workshop designed to loosen your brush strokes and express your spooky side to create an abstract painting inspired by The Day Of The Dead celebration. This workshop will also be a collaboration as we work together to complete this huge canvas.

This large abstract painting starts with a grid and prints of 200 skulls. Each participant may take a 15x15cm square (or maybe more than one if you really get in to it!) responding to the skull template and reference images as a starting point. The aim of the workshop is achieved by successfully using a limited palette and a restricted means by which to apply paint (no brushes allowed!) – at the same time as responding to other completed squares to help create a painting that works visually across the canvas.

Running at the same time, there will be a workshop by Sarah Bellisario who will be making  Day of the Dead skeleton head masks that children can decorate themselves with feathers, collage and other media.  Other workshops are happening throughout the weekend (See details below).
Saturday 1st November 1-4pm
Fenners Building Studio Workshop and Project Space
Openshaw Way, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3EN

Other workshops over the weekend include those by Christine Harrision, Jane Glynn, Lizzy Lane, Abu Jafar, Debbie Bent, Amanda Bloom and Helen Mason – for more details following this link.


Album Cover Illustration

All Seeing Eyes 'Trinity Rd' Album Cover, Painter/Photoshop, 2014

All Seeing Eyes ‘Trinity Road’ Album Cover, Painter/Photoshop, 2014

For those of you following my recent posts, this one might throw you a little.

I have just completed work on an illustration for the front cover of an album titled ‘Trinity Road’ by Hertfordshire based band ‘All Seeing Eyes’. The illustration is one of the most complex I have created to date. It was painted digitally in Painter (and a little in Photoshop) with over 50 layers! It was developed from the bands concept and incorporates elements such as a power station, TV and viewer, CCTV, rain, a Saturn-like planet, a pyramid, an explosion, a radiation sign and the three roads – all knitted together in to one image. I am also assisting with the layout of the CD inlay for the album which will be released around Halloween.

I have begun to build an illustration portfolio alongside my Fine Art research.  I am currently available for further commissions, so if you like what you see and would like to put together a brief, please do get in contact or share this post with someone who has illustration requirements!