Presenting…”Give ’em Hell” – a new music video

"Give 'em Hell", Video Still, 2016

“Give ’em Hell”, Video Still, 2016

Using a combination of live action footage, digital painting, photography, a green screen and some video animation, here is a new music video for the band Delsyn Drive and their song “Give ’em Hell”.  It is available to view on Youtube or Vimeo

Initially inspired by a couple of other music videos –  Queen’s “Breakthru” and The Cure’s “Close To Me” – I had originally intended the video to be more like the latter but there were not enough extras!

Links to video:



Delsyn Drive are playing at this years Rhythms of the World festival on the 16th July at the Mary Exton School.

New Music Video Shoot Complete


Production still from ‘Give ’em Hell’ video shoot, July 2016


Filming was completed yesterday for the new Delsyn Drive music video to accompany their song ‘Give ’em Hell’. Largely shot against a green screen with digital sets to be added, the video is currently in post-production and should be complete before the end of the month. Details to follow…



Production still from ‘Give ’em Hell’ video shoot, July 2016


Here is a link to the bands Facebook page where there are a few more images from the days session.

Open Day June 11th 2016

Fenners-Open-DayDigswell Arts Studio Open Day & A Final Appearance

I will have a couple of paintings in a show opening this Saturday 11th June that will most likely be my last appearance (of artwork) at the Fenners Project Space. After 4 years as a Fellow of Digswell Arts – 5 if you include assisting in the renovation of the building! – I will be leaving the trust. It has been a decision based largely on a change in my practice with my official leaving date at the end of July.

But before that happens, there will be various activities taking place at the Open Day so please do come along on Saturday!  More details…


As one of the first artists to have had a studio at Fenners under the Digswell Arts trust, I have seen the transformation of a light industrial building into an artist studio and gallery space, met some interesting people and made great advances in my practice over the time I have been there. Before I talk about the future, here are images and links to some of the highlights of the Fellowship…


‘A No Place Vacation’ Solo Exhibition: Details…

 "Bay At Utopia", Oil on canvas

“The Bay At Utopia”, Oil on canvas, 76x76cm










‘Timeline‘ Exhibition & securing of Arts Council funding: Details..


Timeline Flyer, 2013








‘George Woodcraft Retirement Present’ Commissioned Artwork: Details…


‘Vision Of Utopia’ Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation : Letchworth A Dystopian Vision…  with further details here…

Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision

‘Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision’ HD Video Still, 2014

‘The Longest Day’ Exhibition: Details…

The Longest Day

‘The Longest Day’ Exhibition Catalogue Cover, 2014










‘Spooky’ Solo Exhibition: Details..







The Future

With a change of focus toward digital activities (encompassing painting, photography and video) I have a number of projects coming up including a music video and a short film (both in pre-production!). I have also expanded my experience and capabilities within illustration and design, in particular web and graphic design. In the long term, I am planning a show for late 2017 – details to be confirmed..


I can still be contacted via email for enquiries regarding sales, projects/collaborations or commissions – painting/illustration, photography or web based.

Please take a look at my latest online portfolio update which includes a further enhanced mobile version.


New Comic Book Colour Work: Scufflecreatures #1

'Scufflecreatures #1', ©WP Comics Ltd

‘Scufflecreatures #1’, ©WP Comics Ltd

Scufflecreature #1 from WP Comics Ltd has just been released.  I have worked as a Colourist on this edition of the comic.

Info from the WP Comics Scufflecreatures page:

Adventure awaits those who join the forces today!  Fight oppressive warlords who run amok and work with renowned Scuffle champion Ace Winnem. Are you ready to be a hero?

Out now!!scufflecreatures/o8rkm

The Witch Reveals Her Magic

'The Witch Reveals Her Magic,' Painter/Photoshop, 2016

‘The Witch Reveals Her Magic,’ Painter/Photoshop, 2016

I spent a good part of the weekend planting vegetables in the garden. Potatoes, chard, onions, and tomatoes amongst other things. Oddly enough, this time in the garden inspired me to paint a new pre-Raphaelite related image to add to the growing set.

Loosely based on ‘The Magic Circle’ by John William Waterhouse, here is ‘The Witch Reveals Her Magic.’  Continuing with the science fiction theme from two previous paintings – ‘She Passed The Turing Test’ and ‘The Nightreader’ – the Witch in this painting is an android. Less supernatural, more artificial. An interesting contrast of styles and ideas.

The image started as a pencil sketch. It was then scanned and further edited in Painter followed by colour flatting and painting carried out between Painter and Photoshop. As this is a large digital image (5019x2838px) there was considerable brush slowdown (for larger brush work) and I did consider painting the background in oils and photographing that but managed to get the digital brushes to work. I have spent some time painting the fabric on the dress and I am quite pleased with the outcome and with the addition of the Ancient Greek painting motif.

Study for'The Witch Reveals Her True Power', Pencil/Digital Drawing, 2016

Study for’The Witch Reveals Her True Power’, Pencil/Digital Drawing, 2016


Landscape & Reconnaissance


‘reconnaissance009’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016

New Photographic Landscape Work ‘Reconnaissance’

In this post I wanted to draw your attention to a part of my artistic output that I rarely show but is fundamental to much of my practice – my photography. In particular, it is my landscape photography and photo artworks I show here.

The newest is my ‘Reconnaissance’ set of landscapes – these are photographic landscape triptychs taken on the move (in a car) in England. Short sequences captured in close bursts – in an almost automated way – showing glimpses of the country that are somewhat isolated and are usually passed by at speed with only the briefest of examination. Details are often revealed in the photographs that show the nature and history of the structures (and possibly people) that occupy these spaces.


‘reconnaissance001’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance004’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance005’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance002’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance010’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance003’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016


‘reconnaissance007’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2016

Hertfordshire Landscapes

I have a selection of landscape photos taken in the countryside of North Hertfordshire (also in England for those unfamiliar). Certainly more sedate than the above images, the pace is slower but there is still plenty of human activity.


‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015


‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015


‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015


‘Hertfordshire Landscape’, Nikon DSLR/Photoshop, 2015


Back in the early 2000’s I started work on a similar project to the first set of photos above using methods to transfer printed material to canvas.

Here is an example of one these early works from 2002 that uses captured video frames instead of still photography for the sequences. Not as clean as the above images, but interesting none-the-less. At the time, I was inspired by the look of Andy Warhol’s screen prints and created my own version of this look through mixed media (print outs and paint on canvas).

'Fountain', 74x21cm , mixed media on canvas, 2002

‘Fountain’, 74x21cm , mixed media on canvas, 2002

The only time I have previously exhibited my photography was in Leicester in 2006. This collection of photos –  curated by Hugo Worthy – was largely composed of landscape photography.  A few years later I put together a booklet for the show which was called ‘A Glass Darkening’.


Non-watermarked prints of my photography are available to order. Please do get in contact if you are interested in purchasing a print or two..


Untitled (No.13) Now Online

Untitled (No.13), still, HD Video, 2015/16

Untitled (No.13), still, HD Video, 2015/16

‘Untitled (No.13)’ Now Online

My short film, ‘Untitled (No.13)’, is now available to view online via Vimeo and Youtube.  It is an updated version from the one shown at the ‘Spooky’ exhibition back in October/November 2015 (at the Fenners Building gallery in Letchworth Garden City).

In this version of the film I have tightened up some of the visual effects, continuing with my experimentation of video compositing. One of my intentions with this short was to experiment with a way of working that utilises green screen and tracking options to prepare for a more complex project in the very near future with co-author and the film’s lead, Myriam Mégharbi.

Aside from this technical exploration, the purpose of the film was to create the overall mood for the Spooky exhibition, utilising both video and audio – ending up with a video work that was somewhere between an installation and a short narrative film. To help complete the narrative of the film I looked back to one of my previous projects (and another collaboration).

The cameo appearance by Mark Ottolangui (of The Bleach Boys fame) in the middle and toward the end of ‘Untitled (No.13)’ was intended to reference an earlier film of mine – my first short film called ‘Black Water’ (2001).  This film was written by Mark Dennis, featuring Mark Ottolangui, Andrea Sadler and Hayley Smith with music by James Thackway. The film was shot on Digital 8 and was the story of a man living in an abandoned mental hospital – his isolated life and daily rituals interrupted by the sudden presence of a child-like woman.

The ‘Black Water’ film would later reveal the main character’s dark and murderous past conveyed initially by a level of Surrealism and a foreboding atmosphere.  Much of this atmosphere I have been able to repeat and inject into the more recent film to conjure a link between the two,  but with a different technical approach which I intend to develop for the next film…stay tuned.

'Black Water', still, DV, 2001

‘Black Water’, still, DV (Digital 8), 2001


Mobile Website Updated

QR Code for the john vincent | online portfolio

QR Code for the john vincent | online portfolio

I am really pleased with the latest version of my website’s mobile site, now with a scroll option to properly view the content (thanks to user feedback!).

If you are reading this post on a desktop machine and have a QR code reader app on your mobile device, run the app and point the camera at the above image. If you are already reading this post on a mobile device then go here to check it out:



The Nightreader

‘The Nightreader’, Painter/Photoshop, 2016

The Nightreader

My first artwork of 2016 is a new digital painting and part of my growing Pre-raphaelite inspired works. Titled ‘The Nightreader’, it was created using Painter and Photoshop. The painting develops a narrative from an earlier work: ‘She Passed The Turing Test‘, and is another slice of Pre-raphalite styled science fiction. My central character straddles a strange contraption that manufactures mysterious binary code only the reader can understand.

Should you wish to order prints of this painting or any of my other work, please do get in touch.

Other news…Websites & Coding

My coding and web development skills are growing rapidly. Since my last post,  I have made further updates to my online portfolio. I plan to use the portfolio as a test bed for new ideas and experiments with code so there maybe frequent changes to its appearance over the next few months. One of my aims is to build a simple CMS to store and display my gallery images. Another – more distant – aim  is to use the possibilities of code to produce new digital/internet based artworks.

I have recently updated two websites I have worked on previously –  & improving the functionality and adding responsiveness for mobile devices. Take a look, especially if you require translation (German/English) or proofreading services…